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Are you wondering what hardscaping is? In the landscaping industry, this term is used to reference stone or wood structures built and installed for your landscape. Beautifully crafted stone materials can be used as retaining walls, terraces, patio pavers, flagstone walkways and more! While wood elements tend to include decks, arbors, and fencing.

If you need custom-built hardscaping features, Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping. We build and install hardscaping features for your ideal landscape. Trellis can provide visual interest to your garden plants, paver patios allow the space for outdoor furniture, stone terraces can provide easy access for difficult slopes in your yard and curb edging brings out a more finished display for your planting beds. We also provide repair services to your existing masonry hardscape features.


A beautiful small, urban backyard garden - paved stone patio with outdoor room furniture and lots of greenery - Lebanon, IL

Create an outdoor living area and aesthetic that has your neighborhood in envy. Contact us today to begin the installation of the perfect hardscape features that help accent your home.


Generic Brick Office Building Exterior with lush Landscaping out front, including hardscaping retaining walls - Lebanon, IL

The right hardscaping features can increase curb appeal, which can result in more business. Neglecting your landscape plans could really hinder your businesses goals! Contact us today to ensure that doesn’t happen. Our experts can install ideal hardscaping features that will get your business noticed by every passerby.

Natural stone landscaping, hardscaping retaining walls, elevated planting beds in home garden - Lebanon, IL

Retaining Walls in Lebanon, IL

Retaining walls are a hardscaping feature that can help with your landscape’s drainage and erosion issues. Retaining walls are built with minimal cement, and sometimes none, which allows a porous surface for water to pass through. If your home is suffering from unbearable slopes, retaining walls help level out these areas to provide safer access and the ability to grow turn or decorative plants in previously eroded areas. They also create more usable space for outdoor activities, gardening beds, relaxation and more. If you are looking to spice up your yard’s appeal, consider the advantages of retaining walls. We provide installation of brand-new natural stone or concrete walls and repair already existing masonry.

Decks and Patios in Lebanon, IL

The first step in enhancing your outdoor living experience begins with your deck or patio. If your home consists of a landscape with slopes – decks are generally the way to go, as opposed to more flat ground surfaces which is when a patio would be ideal. Taking into consideration your needs and your home’s topography; we design your future deck and/or patio suitable for the entire family to enjoy.

Beautiful landscape, hardscaping design for backyard garden and patio area on walkout deck - Lebanon, IL
Hard landscaping, new luxury stone terrace and garden - Lebanon, IL

Steps and Terraces in Lebanon, IL

Make your home’s landscape pop with our stone or wood terraces. These are ideal for providing easier and safe access while moving throughout your yard, offers protection for your favorite plants and turf, creates more usable outdoor space, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your wonderfully vibrant landscape. Beautiful masonry steps can bring a more welcoming experience for your garden, allowing the convenience of space and time to appreciate your prized plants.

Paver Driveways and Sidewalks in Lebanon, IL

Often forgotten about, but extremely vital; driveways and walkways are the first two features that your neighbors will notice about your home. Do you want to have the eye-sore on the block? Not to mention, flawed driveways such as potholes can create car problems with your tires and bumpers. Avoid the negative energy associated with imperfect driveways and walkways and let Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping create jealousy amongst your neighbors with our beautifully crafted designs for your driveway and walkway needs.

Our professionally installed paver driveways and sidewalks offer safety, durability, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you want to smoothen out your driveway for a more enjoyable parking experience; or avoid the mud after the rain on your way to the shed, our experts provide ideal driveways and walkways to match your home’s style. Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping provides complete installation and adding on to existing hardscaping. Call us today to see how we can help you!

large ranch home with paved brick/stone driveway and walkway up to front door - Lebanon, IL
New and modern outdoor kitchen on a sunny summer evening, dinner preparation, hardscaping - Lebanon, IL

Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces in Lebanon, IL

Bring your outdoor living experience to the next level with our custom-built outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Have the best of both worlds – a great outdoor cooking environment during the summer, and the soothing comfort of a fireplace during the winter. Our design features for outdoor kitchens include:

  • Built-in grills, cooktops, ovens and more!
  • Customizable refrigerators
  • Wine cellars
  • Cabinets and countertops

 Add an outdoor kitchen to your home’s landscape and become the number one entertainment spot in town.

Raised Planting Beds in Lebanon, IL

 If you are looking for a place to plant your vegetable gardens or display your ornamental plants; raised planting beds may be the solution. Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping offers planting beds that provide:

  • Ability to plant otherwise unaccommodating plants due to bad soil.
  • Provide small garden designs for people who find it hard maintaining larger gardening spaces.
  • Due to plant beds being elevated, it is easier for older and disabled persons who may not be able to kneel when it comes time to harvest, weed, prune and mulch.
  • Invasive plants can be contained within a raised planting bed.
  • Has the potential to provide privacy for your landscape.
Raised planting beds, growing vegetables in home garden - Lebanon, IL

More Hardscaping Services

Rock Gardens

Rock garden hardscaping with a variety of plants and flowers spread out - Lebanon, IL

Aside from retaining walls, rock gardens are great additions to your landscape to help treat sloped areas in your yard. The inclusion of small planting pockets within your rock garden allows for plants to be grown there and draw more of an appeal. Rock gardens provide a great aesthetic and are an ideal solution if you are looking for that garden look with minimal plants. For more information about our rock garden services, contact us today!

Pergolas, Gazebos and Arbors

wood gazebo in garden setting, surrounded by impressive landscaping, hardscaping elements - Lebanon, IL

When it comes to hardscaping features that provide variety, structure, and function – pergolas, gazebos, and arbors take the cake! We offer various materials and many different designs, to best incorporate these hardscaping features into your already existing landscape. These structures help support your favorite plants.

Ponds and Fountains

Backyard garden with brick steps, hardscaping, fountain, elegant landscaping - Lebanon, IL

Are you a bird lover? Nothing draws birds in like water features. Whether you want to see the beautiful cardinals or simply enjoy the sound of running water, we specialize in the design and installation of ponds and fountains for your landscape. We even offer real crowd-pleaser – waterfall designs. Enjoy your garden, the serenity of water, and excitement of aquatic plants and animals in your landscape today!

Ready to get started on bringing your landscape to the next level with our professional hardscaping services? Contact us today for free quotes, one-on-one meetings to discuss your ideas and grasp a better understanding of your landscape design.