Outdoor Living in Lebanon, IL


Innovative Outdoor Living Solutions for Your Perfect Backyard Retreat

Are you debating on enhancing your outdoor living experience in Lebanon Illinois? We provide features that create a more entertaining atmosphere to keep your family and friends to enjoy. Outdoor kitchens for the ultimate grilling experience, outdoor fireplaces to stay warm in the winter and outdoor rooms for your interests and hobbies. If you enjoy:

Elegant dining experiences with friends and family

Hosting the entertainment for your friends

Relaxing atmospheres

surrounding yourself with nature and its wonderful creatures



 Then the answer is obvious – create an outdoor living experience tailored for your needs, and we would love to help!

Outdoor brick kitchen in backyard, with wooden canopy overhead - Lebanon, IL

Outdoor Kitchens in Lebanon, IL

 Do you consider yourself a grill master? You may be able to cook beef, chicken, fish and pork to the perfect temperature, but are you ready to take it to the next level? Take your next culinary adventure with the installation of a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen, equipped with wonderful features including:

  • built-in grills
  • under-counter refrigerators
  • ice machines
  • custom wine cellars
  • dishwashers & trash compactors
  • cabinets & countertops
 Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping provides the complete outdoor kitchen experience. Have you been limiting your guest list to accommodate properly? With the installation of an outdoor kitchen, you can expand your guest list, cook more food (in style) and have more room for entertainment. Talk about a win-win. Call us today to receive a free estimate on our outdoor kitchen installation services, grill master.

Outdoor Fireplaces in Lebanon, IL

 Wintertime is beautiful and can often create a winter wonderland in Lebanon Illinois. While some may run for the comfort of a heated house, others flock to an outdoor fireplace. Enjoying the heat and snow at the same time. You could do the same with Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping customized outdoor fireplaces!

We can install masonry firepits or fireplaces to extend your outdoor entertainment throughout the winter season. With a variety of materials and design styles to choose from, we can help you select the perfect outdoor fireplace suitable for your taste. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Outdoor Fireplace made of elegant stone/brick design, with storage for firewood, comfy chairs around, on flagstone patios with natural stone steps - Lebanon, IL
Outdoor living - Outdoor room - place to relax, canopy overheard, white wood with wicker furniture - Lebanon, IL

Outdoor Rooms in Lebanon, IL

 An outdoor room is exactly how it sounds. A room that is outdoors. However, they don’t necessarily have to have physical roofs, walls, floors and surrounding areas that are commonly featured in rooms. Instead, elements can represent these features. For example, an overhead canopy provided by a shade tree can act as a roof, your patio paver can be considered a floor and hedges work well-representing walls. All these landscaping elements work together in creating an ‘outdoor room’. Add tables for an outdoor dining room, a grill for an outdoor kitchen and more!

The versatility of outdoor rooms is limitless. They can function as:

  • A relaxation environment, perhaps with a bench and fireplace for when you want to enjoy nature and a good book.
  • An outdoor dining area, big enough to fit a grill and outdoor furniture for your family and friends.
  • A shaded room for yoga, meditation and bird watching.

Elements used to create these "Outside rooms"

Landscaping icon - outdoor room faux "walls" of low stone walls, bushes/shrubs, and fencing - Lebanon, IL

Low stone walls, hedges, a trellis with climbing roses and vines, privacy fencing, etc. are used to imply walls.

Landscaping icon - outdoor rooms - faux roofing canopy, awning - Lebanon, IL

Your outdoor room’s ceilings can be an awning or a canopy of trees.

Landscaping icon - roll of turf/grass for faux floor of outdoor room - Lebanon, IL

Floors can be utilized with living or nonliving materials such as turf for a softer appeal and paver patios for the durability needed for an outdoor kitchen or furniture.

Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping provide outdoor room installations designed with your needs in mind. Let us bring an entertainment aspect to your landscape and add curb appeal. 

Contact us today for a free estimate and meet your landscape plans with professionalism and affordability.