• Landscape Design in Lebanon IL

    FREE CONSULTATION & QUOTES – If you are looking for that perfect landscape design to really show off your garden plants, consider your friends at Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping for the job. Our passion is landscaping, and we gladly meet with potential customers to discuss your landscape ideas and assess your outdoor living area – for free. Utilizing your wants and our expertise, we design your ideal landscape within your budget. Guaranteeing to boost your home or business’ curb appeal.

  • What We Can Do for You

  • Homeowners – Introduce some excitement to your home and upgrade your outdoor living space for your friends and family to enjoy, including:

    • Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to enhance your dining and entertainment experience.
    • Incorporate some privacy into your home with arbors and pergolas.
    • Extend your outdoor living area with our patio and deck options.
    • Create a seasonal atmosphere for your home’s landscape with bright annual plantings, evergreens, and perennial borders.
    • Add beautiful aesthetics to your garden with a pond or fountain.
  • Businesses – We help create a warm and inviting feeling for your business’ landscape to help attract local business, including:

    • Create a great first impression of potential customers with colorful and well-maintained season plant displays.
    • Attractive business landscapes lead to more visibility, which can result in more business.
    • We help keep your landscape maintenance costs optimal.
  • With every landscape project, we take into consideration a range of factors when creating your landscape design including but not limited to:

    • Conditions of your property’s landscape (soil, potential drainage, and erosion issues, sun and shade factors, etc.)
    • What each landscape area is being used for (entrances, outdoor living area, driveways)
    • Areas you wish to privatize, it could be blocking views from traffic, allowing privacy from neighbors, or keeping your heat pumps and other utilities away from the site.
    • Our plant selection process is determined based on your preferences, design value and if plant needs can be maintained (water, sun/shade, soil, etc.)
    • Not all plants are the same price, we have a wide selection of plants suitable for every budget.
    • Our Hardscaping process considers your budget, color, and style of existing structures to select one that best incorporates your home’s current style, and durability.
    • In the case of drainage issues, excavating could need to be done first.
  • Build Services Lebanon IL

    A great way to provide an aesthetically pleasing landscape or garden while simultaneously providing function and durability are incorporating foundations created with stone or wood. Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping can increase your landscape appeal with professionally designed walkways, patios, decks and more!

  • What We Offer

    Homeowners – Beautifully designed trellis create support that some plants need, such as roses or a flowering vine and create a more welcoming essence. If you want to create a lounge area within your landscape, retaining walls can help prevent erosion and give you more outdoor living space.

    Business Owners – It isn’t quite like the yellow-brick road, but it’s similar. Let potential customers already develop great sentiment towards your business with stunning flagstone walkway.

  • We can provide many hardscaping services to benefit your landscape. At Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping we specialize in the addition of retaining walls, steps/terraces, flagstone walkways, patios, decks, arbors, pergolas and more comprised of your choice of masonry or wood materials.

    Aside from the various options, hardscaping provides important roles within your landscape. For instance, if you are looking to create a more entertainment-friendly outdoor living area, a paver patio is ideal for establishing an outdoor living area to grill, relax, have a firepit or outdoor furniture. Hardscaping is a great way to unify other landscape elements around your home or business utilizing similar materials. With flagstone walkways, you can walk from your home’s back door to a utility shed or garden area in style and avoid the mud!

  • Incorporating a decorative arbor or water fountain creates a calming and stunning landscape visual. Trellis can be utilized to boast plants you take great pride in and make your neighbors envious. Also, fencing can be installed for rosebush support and privacy. At Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping our hardscaping elements are built to last. Using durable and attractive materials like stone provides the ease of installation, affordable pricing and if well-maintained, can last for years.

    Landscaping appeal doesn’t just end with beautiful gardens and thriving plants. Although those are wonderful and aesthetically pleasing, what really makes your landscape stand out is hardscaping. For more information on Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping hardscaping structures, we can build for you, contact us today! We offer free estimates!  

  • Landscape Installation Lebanon IL

    Regardless if you need an entire landscape installation or renovations to your existing landscape, Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping provides expert installation, quality customer service and various garden plants suitable for every season.

  • What We Provide

    Homeowners – Has your home’s lawn just grown tired and boring to look at? Does your home offer no privacy from neighbors or maybe too much? Perhaps your home is too green or not enough? Whether you are looking for vibrant, beautiful garden design plans, or want a cohesive seasonal landscape, our experts can help. And if you know you want to change, but can’t decide on what exactly you want, we can provide professional advice taking into consideration your interests and budget. Read below to find out how we can help increase your home’s curb appeal with our landscape services in Lebanon Illinois.

  • Business Owners – First impressions are always important. Especially when talking about business and customer relationships. Sometimes, you may not get a customer’s business because your building isn’t ‘appealing’. Well, we are here to tell you that can change. We can incorporate colorful garden beds, fountains and patio pavers, all designed to create a visual appeal. Let Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping create first impression customers won’t forget! Read below to find out more information on how we can help your business’ landscape.

  • When it comes to landscape projects that require a complete installation process, we take the necessary precautions to ensure the project is done right. Just because you are ready for a garden, doesn’t mean your yard is (but that’s okay because we will get it ready!) The first steps we take in landscape installation projects are:

    • The removal of turf and/or weeds
    • If topsoil is needed, we install it
    • In the case of drainage or erosion issues, grading or excavating may need to be done
  • Our landscape renovations include duties such as removing existing plants that don’t fit within your landscape’s style, replace dead and diseased plants and install plant materials like:

    • Trees
    • Shrubs
    • Vines
    • Perennials
    • Annuals
  • After plant installation comes the mulching process and the final step is edging to establish a more finished look. For more information on Earthtones Nursery & Landscaping installation services we provide, contact us today! We offer free estimates!